School of Knowledge: “Srebrenica – Mapping Genocide and post-genocide society”

The official start of the project of educational packages School of Knowledge: “Srebrenica – Mapping Genocide and post-genocidal society” was marked on July 10th at the Gallery 11/07/95 in the presence of Princess Anne and the British ambassador Edward Ferguson.

It is an educational resource and comprehensive source of information available on the Internet that provides to a wide range of users access to the horrific events that occurred in Srebrenica.

School of Knowledge is a project of creative productions with FAMA methodology and Gallery 11/07/95, which is financially supported by the British government. A 60-minute video lecture consisting of two parts: mapping genocide and the post-genocide society.

The lecture is based on the platform of the Documentary Animation and parts of the Public Lecture held on May 28, 2015 in the Gallery 11/07/95. The lectures examined 12 aspects of genocide and post-genocide society.

This universal educational model is intended for students, institutions, universities, researchers and libraries around the world.