Gallery 11/07/95 Nominated for the EMA Award

Gallery 11/07/95 has been nominated for the European Museum Academy in 2017. The application process ended beginning of this year and on 25th April 2017 Gallery 11/07/95 had an honor of welcoming the director of European Museum Academy professor Massimo Negri.
European Museum Academy represents a network of museology professionals with a goal of promoting the museology research, as well as important cultural activities. Through their events,lectures, courses and awards this community has an intention to connect the museum professionals and workers as well as to exchange the ideas and museum concepts.

The EMA foundation awards are selected in different categories (EMA Award, Luigi Micheleti and DASA Award), and each of them is being awarded to the museum or museum organization with an outstanding quality of their work. Some of the previous winners or the finalists of the EMA Award are Polin-Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Micropia, National Archive of Netherlands, Memorial Center Camp Westerbork, Riverside Museum and others.

During the visit to the gallery, Dr. Negri had an opportunity to see the exhibition and to understand the key concept as well as the previous work of Gallery 11/07/95. After the visit Dr. Negri said:”I’m very grateful for having this opportunity to visit this museum which connects the drama of the subject with the quality of the photographs and the visual representation. Besides, the compound of photography, multimedia content, audio guides and other aspects of the gallery helps the visitors to follow the story and participate in this unique and tragic moment of european history. The Gallery has become the place which you cannot miss when visiting Sarajevo.”

EMA conference will be held in Macedonia from 29 to 30 September where the results of the competition will be announced.

Tarik Samarah, the founder of the Gallery 11/07/95 presented the concept and previous work of this institution and he emphasized how the nomination for the EMA Award “represents the continuity of successful work that the Gallery has offered through these past years.”
Last year’s finals of the prestigious manifestation EMYA which was held under the organization of Council of Europe and this year’s nomination are indicators of the right direction that the Gallery 11/07/95 is heading – creating representative institution which will honorably preserve the remembrance of the victims as a powerful voice against the wars and atrocities all around the world through innovative forms, concepts and museum tendencies.

The Gallery 111/07/95 was opened in 2012 with the help of TIKA Agency for the international development and coordination of Republic Turkey and the municipality of Old Town with the Mayor Ibrahim Hadžibajrić.