Project Announcement: “1945-1995-2015” in ICOM News Magazine

International Council of Museums (ICOM) is non-profitable, non-governmental, international organization created in 1946. as part of the system of  United nations organizations for education, scientific and cultural organization UNESCO.  ICOM is international organization of museums and museum professionals dedicated to the preserving, protecting and presenting world natural and cultural heritage. ICOM is unique network of 35.000 members from 136 countries, 118 National Committees and 30 International Committees dedicated to different fields of museum work and protection of cultural heritage.

ICOM News – magazine for museum professionals that provides reports and analytical articles, interviews with museum, and practical information. ICOM News gathers the news, and also reports form museum community, articles and discussions about the challenges the museum employees are facing today. It was first issued in 1948., it is published in three official languages within ICOM, and its distributed to all members, subscribers, cultural institutions inside the governmental and non-governmental sectors.

The “1945-1995-2015” project aims to remind us of the two anniversaries which are being marked in 2015 – twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide and the seventieth anniversary of the Holocaust. The project was envisioned as series of installations, poster, urban interventionism in different places in Europe and world. The work by Tarik Samarah “1945-1995-2015″ would be exhibited on museum buildings, government institutions etc. as the photograph/jumbo poster or photographic projection. The twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide and the seventieth anniversary of the Holocaust are symbolically united in the photograph by Tarik Samarah “1945-1995-2015″. The format of the project aims to acquaint an ordinary man with the message of the work. By replacing the culture from the exhibition halls in to the open everyday space, the message of the artwork is targeting every individual as its possible recipient.

The appearance in ICOM News  of the project  “1945-1995-2015” is a result of constant work  in order to approach gallery content to the wide range of people, recalling not only Srebrenica, but also other tragic events in the past and now current in the world.